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Significant Changes to the 2018 IBC Code

June 4, 2018

Rescheduled to:
Friday, July 20

9-11AM | AIA Portland
$10-70 | 2 HSW


Samir Mokashi, Principal at Code Unlimited, will be teaching a two hour code seminar, “Significant Changes to the 2018 IBC Code”. This seminar will identify the key differences between the 2015 IBC and the 2018 IBC codes, with a focus on regulations common to most building types and those that commonly misunderstood or misapplied. This is often due to lack of knowledge, subtle changes in the code language, or lack of clarity in the code language. No matter how it happens, the results can be devastating to the project and to the bottom line of the firm. This course will explain what changed, why it changed, how to apply these correctly in your future projects, and what is the significance of the change. In addition to explaining the technical background he will also talk about strategy in dealing with the local jurisdiction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get an overview of key code regulations that are common to many buildings and are commonly misunderstood or misapplied
  • Understand what changes took place for key code regulations between the 2015 IBC and the 2018 IBC
  • Understand the intent behind these changes and their significance when designing buildings
  • Learn how to correctly apply these new requirements on projects

Samir Mokashi has over 25 years of experience in regulatory requirements. He has successfully lead design teams through highly demanding programs, complex designs, challenging budgets, fast track schedules and rigorous requirements. The clear advantage of having worked throughout US, Europe, Asia, and Middle East is evident in the projects, large or small, that Samir leads or consults on. He has been involved in code development at local and national level and authored several code alternates and variances that resolved complex issues, simply and effectively. He has a unique ability to deliver simple and elegant solutions to problems that stump most others. The depth of his knowledge and strong communication skills have earned him wide respect from city and state officials, as well as designers, developers and architects. He is also a sought after speaker, accredited educator and a highly valued mentor to young professionals.