Why Join?

Architects & Associates 

AIA membership offers licensed architects, interns, recent graduates and students a forum for furthering passion for design excellence, collaboration, and influence upon the creative and responsible design of our beloved Portland community. The AIA provides opportunities to learn, grow as a designer and advance your career.

Continuing Education:  With over 30+ hours of free or significantly discounted CE opportunities, you’ll find your membership virtually pays for itself as you attend required CE courses to maintain your licensure. Check out our Calendar or click on the Upcoming Classes for more on our exciting Continuing Education programming and seminars. Also look out for opportunities to engage in our new PATH leadership seminar, as we will soon begin to recruit it’s fourth series for 2018.

Helps you get work by: 

  •  Job Listings: Search AIA Portland’s Job board and post your resume for free!
  •  Compensation Report: Access AIA National’s Compensation Report. Review at the Portland office or purchase the report at aia.org.
  •  Networking: Join the community of architects and network at the many events held throughout the year.
Resources for New Grads and Emerging Professionals:

AIA membership offers Emerging Professionals vast opportunities to advance their careers and engage with licensed architects through the AIA Mentorship programs and various committees.

ARE Guidance: Your membership gains you access to study classes and access to the IDP library of study materials to help you tackle licensure with confidence.
Continuing Education:  Free and discounted opportunities to keep current on the cutting edge of architecturally relevant design topics.
Firm Happy Hours: in 2018 the Emerging Professionals Committee is continuing their happy hour program where firms open their doors to Emerging Professionals for a meet and greet and a glimpse inside their office culture.

New Graduates:
Free Membership: Start connecting early! The AIA offers a complimentary 18 month membership that begins the day you graduate from an accredited architectural program. Enjoy all the benefits of an AIA membership and begin your career In the know and side by side with Portland’s best and brightest.

Committee Participation:

This is one of the best opportunities to get involved in an avenue of architecture that you are passionate about while also meeting key players in the community. Help shape urban policies, advocate for sustainable design, set the agenda for emerging professionals or demonstrate architecture’s influence on education. Each of our committees are passionate and working on incredible initiatives throughout the city and region.

Architecture Firms:

AIA Firm Members not only get to align with a well established expert organization, but also enjoy access to affinity programs targeted to inform and save money for firms of all sizes.


  • AIA Portland Architecture Award eligibility
  • AIA Portland Homes Tour eligibility
  • Group Health Care Benefits plus advice on how to weather the Health Care reform
  • Enjoy a 25% discount on space rental!

Helps you get projects by:

  • Marketing your firm in our website’s online Profile Directory
Allied Professionals:

Joining the AIA as and Allied partner offers individuals in design related industries exposure to our AIA Portland Membership of over 1200. For information about partnerships, contact Colleen Bastendorff at colleenb@aiaportland.org.

Partnering Organizations/ Sponsors:

Are you interested in having visibility within AIA Portland’s membership, as well as a role within the hub for the architectural and design community?  Joining the AIA Portland family as an Allied Partner may be just the place for you to demonstrate leadership in your field.  Showcase your company and products by sponsoring an event, or lead the way to informing our membership through hosting a continuing education class.  We’ll help you set up AIA CU’s, facilitate registration, advertise, and coordinate the logistics. Contact Colleen Bastendorff for more information at colleenb@aiaportland.org.

Benefits for All Members:
  • Inclusion in our online digital Profile Directory
  • Legislative Representation
  • Discounts on Contract Documents and Software
  • Job/Resume Board Post Discounts
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Oregon Architect subscription
  • Publicity: AIA Portland organizes community and gallery events with the intent of educating and inspiring the public about architecture and design
  • Member discounts on all AIA Portland classes and events!
Public Outreach:

AIA Portland facilitates outreach programs to elevate quality design and engage the public on architectures role and value to our city.  We provide information and invite curiosity about architecture, design, and affiliated fields within PDX metro and the state of Oregon.  We strive to engage the public and potential clients to visit our gallery, attend the Portland Architecture Awards, attend the AIA Portland Homes Tour, view website posts highlighting news and events, and receive our E-Newsletter, which is distributed to over 1400 subscribers and counting. The AIA works in partnership with the Center for Architecture to promote our profession and educate the public on the value architects provide.

This is your membership organization!

The staff here at AIA Portland are here to support you and your profession; to join you in inspiring our community to value quality design and construction.  We welcome feedback!  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with suggestions about current benefit augmentation or new offerings that would increase membership value. If you are ready to join click here, or call the office – 503-223-8757. Thanks!

Colleen Bastendorff
AIA Portland
Programs and Development Manager