AIA Contract Documents: The Industry Standard

AIA Contract Documents offer a library of  over 140 contracts and documents, saving you time and money.

AIA Contract Documents are the Industry Standard for minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency. Having the right contracts in place can prevent conflicts and help create more successful collaborations. As a building professional, using a comprehensive contract document is the most important thing you can do to protect your project.

Visit the Documents On Demand eShop for electronic access to nearly 200 contract documents. Enjoy the convenience of downloading single documents and completing the form right on your computer and print them for immediate use. This service is offered through AIA National at a discount for AIA members.

AIA Contract Documents desktop software allows you to create, edit, manage and share nearly 200 legal forms and agreements. Choose from Limited Licenses or Unlimited Licenses depending on your business needs. Software not only allows for savings for frequent users of contract documents, but it also allows for some conveniences such as: making necessary changes cleanly to documents and unlimited reproduction of certain documents.

AIA Contract Documents Education & Training Portal
AIA Contract Documents are the most widely used standard form documents in the design and construction industry. The AIA is pleased to offer high-quality education programs designed to help you develop your knowledge of AIA contract documents, expand your software skills and keep you current on industry trends.

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