2013 Design Awards Winners

2013 Design Awards

The American Institute of Architects Portland announced their annual awards for design excellence at a gala celebration held Friday evening, October 18, 2013, at the Left Bank Annex.

The awards recipients ranged from an adaptive reuse, bringing big box retail to the urban core, to projects embodying the beauty of their pastoral setting.

The projects were selected by a prestigious jury composed of Kai-Uwe Bergmann, principal of BIG in New York and Denmark; Lisa Chun, principal and co-founder of zeroplus on Seattle, Washington; and Yo-ichiro Hakomori, founding partner and principal of wHY Design.

Awards in the Built category



Project:                      Sokol Blosser Winery Tasting Room, Dayton, Oregon
Architecture Firm:    Allied Works Architecture
Project Team:           Brad Cloepfil, Kyle Lommen, Jared Abraham, Nathan Hamilton, John Weil, Kathryn van Voorhees, Christopher Brown, Sushwala Hedding, and Neal Harrod
Owner:                       Sokol Blosser Winery
Contractor:                R+H Construction


zgf football

Project:                       Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, University of  Oregon Football Performance Center, Eugene, Oregon
Architecture Firm:     ZGF Architect s LLP/firm 151
Project Team:            Robert Packard, Eugene Sandoval, Robert Snyder, Jan Willemse, and Kelvin Ono
Bradley Iest, Owen Turnbull, Dieneke Knuffin, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Josh Peacock, Templeton, Keith Eayers, Peggy Tasker, Julia Bannon, Man Hui Chan, Randy Stegmeier, Jenn WArd, Ryan Yaden, Sean Gummer, and Anson Morris
Owner:                        University of Oregon
Contractor:                 Hoffman Construction Company


40_Colonel Nesmith

Project:                        Colonel Nesmith Readiness Center, Dallas, Oregon
Architecture Firm:      THA Architecture
Project Team:             Jonah Cohen, Stefee Knudsen, David Keltner, Derek deVille, Tracey Brascue, Hather Flegel, Alexander Lungershausen, Jon Jorgenson, Scott Mooney, Annie Mahoney, Juan Tomas Nunez
Owner:                         Oregon Military Department
Contractor:                  Lease Crutcher Lewis



Project:                        CBWTP Engineering Building
Architecture Firm:      Skylab Architecture/Solarc Arch. + Eng.
Project Team:             Jeff Kovel, Brent Grubb, Susan Barnes, Chris Hodney, and Megan Millie
Owner:                         Portland Environmental Services
Contractor:                  Skanska



Project:                        Cascades Academy of Central Oregon, Bend. Oregom
Architecture Firm:      Hennebery Eddy Architects
Project Team:             Timothy Eddy, Dan Petrescu, Camilla Cok, Alan Osborner, Angelique Nossa, James Gantz, Siavash Kazeminejad, and Kristy Hausladen
Owner:                         Cascades Academy of Central Oregon
Contractor:                  CS Construction


Arthouse Small

Project:                       Arthouse, Student Housing, Portland, Oregon
Architecture Firm:     Lever Architecture, Design Architect and LRS Architect of Record
Project Team:            Thomas Robinson, Calista Fitzgerald, Doug Sheets, T. Paul Frank, Scott Miller, and Dave Turville
Owner:                        Powell Park Avenue LLC
Contractor:                 Walsh Construction

Awards in the Unbuilt category



Project:                        Fire Station 76, Gresham, Oregon
Architecture Firm:      Hennebery Eddy Architects
Project Team:             Michelle Vo, Ian Gelbrich, and Camilla Cok
Owner:                         MCRFPD #10



Project:                        Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  of Central Oregon
Architecture Firm:      THA Architecture
Project Team:             Jonah Cohen, Corey Martin, Amanda Petretti, Scott Mooney and Nic Smith
Owner:                         Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Oregon
Contractor:                  Kirby Nagelhout Construction Co.

Other Awards

14_COCC Science_repimg


Project:                       Central Oregon Community College Science Building, Bend, Oregon
Contractor:                 Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company
Architecture Firm:     Yost Grube Hall Architecture, Architect of Record and Pinnacle Architecture – Associate Architect
Project Team:            Mark Stoller, Tom Robbins, Jonathan Bolch, Linda Cameron, Alex Asselineau, Jeanne Jameson, Lona Rerick, Michael Thrailkill, Nicole Dejong, Phillip Lopez, and Liz Bray
Owner:                        Central Oregon Community College



Project:                        Bayview Branch Library, San Francisco, CA
Architecture Firm:      THA Architecture with Karin Payson Architecture + Design as Assoc. Architect
Project Team:             Jonah Cohen, Kacey Jurgens, David Keltner, Nick Hodges, Tracey Bascue, Andrew Schilling, and Alexander Lungershausen
Owner:                         San Francisco Public Library
Contractor:                  KCK Builders



Project:                        Galleria Rehabilitation, Portland City Target, Portland
Architecture Firm:
FFA Architecture and Interiors – Core + Shell
Target Store Design  – Retail Design Architect
MBH Architects – Tenant Improvement
Project Team:            Troy Ainsworth, Amalia Mohr, Karl Refi, Phillip Chubb, and Julie Snow-Condon
Owner:                        Bill Naito Company
Contractor:                 Lease Crutcher Lewis and Skanska


1st Place


Project:                       Reed College Performing Arts Building, Portland, OR
Architecture Firm:     Opsis Architecture
Project Team:            Alec Holser, James Meyer, Paul Kinley, John Shorb, Melissa Clark, Joe Baldwin, Meagan Ekerson, Aaron Cook, Lueung, and Lucas Gray
Owner:                        Reed College
Contractor:                 Hoffman Construction Company

2nd Place

Union Way 2

Project:                       Union Way, Portland
Architecture Firm:     Lever Architecture
Project Team:           Thomas Robinson, Jonathan Heppner, Doug Sheets, and Alex Porter
Owner:                       project^
Contractor:                Lease Crutcher Lewis


Anne Chen with ZGF Architects.


Union Way 1 Small

Project:                       Union Way, Portland
Architecture Firm:     Lever Architecture
Project Team:            Thomas Robinson, Jonathan Heppner, Doug Sheets, and Alex Porter
Owner:                        project^
Contractor:                 Lease Crutcher Lewis


2030 Challenge Design Awards

2013.awards ppt 6

Grand Prize: Greatest Effort
Project: Chemeketa Health Sciences Complex
Architectural Firm: SRG Partnerships

2013.awards ppt 4

Excellence: residential net-zero
Project: Karuna House
Architecture Firm: Holst Architecture

2013.awards ppt 5

Excellence: commercial net-zero
Project: Sokol Blosser Winery Tasting Room
Architectural Firm: Allied Works Architecture